Deploying a custom Windows 8 image with ConfigMgr 2012

Yesterday I wrote about building a custom Windows 8 image to use with Configuration Manager 2012, even though it is not yet supported in this RC2 version. Today I will have a look if we are able to deploy the image correctly.

Create an “Install an existing image package” Task Sequence and be sure to supply the Product Key that can be found on the download page of the Windows Consumer Preview edition.

Supply the product key

The created task sequence is like shown below, as extra the Task Sequence will also install Microsoft Office 2010 😉

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview Task Sequence

Next boot into PXE and select the Task Sequence you want to start, I will use the Windows 8 CP Beta 1 custom image..

Select the right Task Sequence

The task sequence will start and apply the WIM image on the hard disk of the machine. After applying the WIM image on the hard disk, Windows 8 will walk through the sysprep procedure.

Applying Custom Windows 8 image
Downloading and installing the Configuration Manager 2012 client

The Configuration Manager 2012 Client will be reinitialized and configured for the Configuration Manager 2012 Primary Site.

Initializing and configuring the Configuration Manager 2012 client

The next and final step of this Windows 8 Consumer Edition deployment task sequence is the installation of Microsoft Office 2010.

Downloading Office 2010

Installing Office 2010

After the installation of Microsoft Office 2010 is finished our first custom Windows 8 Consumer Preview image with Office 2010 is deployed. Let’s see how logging on looks like.

Windows 8 Logon screen

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del or slide the screen up to logon.

Logon into the domain

The installation is domain joined, logging on with jjohnson will result in the following with Office 2010 present.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is ready to use
With Office 2010 available

In the next blog I will look at the Configuration Manager 2012 client and the ability to manage the client.

See ya later!


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