Microsoft Intune Company Portal Support news released

intuneLooking at the Microsoft Intune notifications learns us that two support statements are released this week.

Company Portal Support for iOS

In approximately 60 days, there will be an update for the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app for iOS that will only be supported by iOS versions 7.1 or above. After this update, users will not be able to enroll new devices that are running on unsupported iOS versions 7.0 or below. Users who have already enrolled devices running on an unsupported version of iOS will continue being able to use the Company Portal app that is on their device. However, they will be required to upgrade to iOS 7.1 or above to gain access to the latest versions of the Company Portal app. We encourage you to notify users to migrate to iOS 7.1 or above to take full advantage of new Intune features.

Company Portal Website Device Enrollment

In approximately 90 days, the Microsoft Intune Company Portal website will be updated to no longer support iOS device enrollment. When users attempt to enroll through the Company Portal website, users will be redirected to enroll through the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app for iOS.

Above is also valid when using Microsoft Intune in a hybrid environment.


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