Intune June update currently rolling out

IntuneThis week the Intune service has been updated again during the monthly update cycle. Let’s have a quick look at the changes as announced earlier. The new version of Microsoft Intune is 5.0.5235.0.

Today we see more and more Silverlight pages disappearing and HTML 5 arriving, which is very good since the new Edge browser in Windows 10 does not (yet) support Silverlight. During this update the Groups overview page has been “converted” to HTML5.

New overview
New overview

With this update you are also able to add multiple accounts to your Office Apps. For instance, in Word adding your corporate SharePoint and Corporate OneDrive together with your personal OneDrive account.

According to the blog for now Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneDrive supports multiple identities, which means that only the corporate account is managed via MAM policies. For instance, when accessing a corporate data and you have a PIN configured in the MAM policy you need to first supply the PIN before you are able to open files in OneDrive for Business. Also saving a file opened in the corporate account cannot be saved to the personal OneDrive.

Cannot save a document from the corporate account to a location of a personal account

 Will do some more testing in the near future to see everything is fully contained and safe. Have a look at the following link to see the current MAM enabled apps in the app stores;

Furthermore a lot of changes are done in the background and the Conditional Access to Exchange / Office 365 with the Outlook apps in an Hybrid Scenario should be able now. 

Thanks and be sure to look at the ConfigMgr and Intune UserVoice websites to submit your ideas and vote on others.



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