Support for native (LOB) apps added to Intune on Azure

Last week I showed you how you can deploy apps with the new Intune on Azure portal. This weekend the Intune on Azure Service was updated and new features became available One of the features is the ability to add Line Of Business apps and deploy them. As promised I would update the blog or dedicate a new one, a new one it will be! 🙂 The wording of Line Of Business apps is maybe not ideal but in fact you are able to deploy native files with the extension IPA, APK and MSI to your devices. So no need for the Silverlight console anymore, for this part!

Apps can be added by going in the Intune on Azure Portal to Intune >> Mobile Apps >> Apps and click Add.

Adding apps

Next you are available to upload the app you need.


Add the IPA, APK or MSI  and supply the App information.

After adding the IPA, APK or MSI files and the app information, the file will be uploaded an ready to be deployed to groups with users or devices.

The apps will be listed as follows in the Apps list in the Intune on Azure portal;

Adding the IPA, APK or MSI files will be as;

  • iOS line-of-business app
  • Android line-of-business app
  • Windows Mobile MSI line-of-business app

Another nice step in completing the Intune on Azure service!

Till next time!


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  1. Hi Peter,
    unfortunately i dont understand how these LOB will reach the mobile devices if not via managed play store?
    Do you have an article for this?

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