Block apps to use cellular data via Microsoft Intune

Today I noticed that some nice features were added to the device restriction profiles in the new Intune on Azure portal. As from now you are able to block managed apps from using cellular data via the iOS device restriction profiles.

Two new settings are available

You can either block the usage for all cellular data or just if you are roaming. Configuring apps can be done for all Managed apps or just specific apps from which you know they “use” a lot of data and you only want to allow Wi-Fi to be used for those apps.

Configure what apps that need to be blocked

Managed apps mean that the apps is either being deployed via Microsoft Intune or the management is “taken over” by Microsoft Intune, like you see below in the App Management Change of Outlook.

Intune will take over App Management

After installing and starting the Remote Desktop Client the following message will be shown.

Mobile Data is blocked

Looking at those mobile data settings in the settings menu of iOS learns us that the settings are disabled and the user is not able to enable mobile data for both apps.

Options to change mobile data settings are greyed out

Controlling the mobile (cellular) data is done by the Network Usage Profile in the Management Profile of Microsoft Intune.

Management profile of iOS

When tapping the Network Usage Profile you are able to see what apps are being blocked for using the mobile cellular.

Nice that Microsoft Intune is able to manage this feature of iOS.

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  1. Can you make any app a managed app? Ie. we have one user that lie to use mobile data for Netflix on a corporate issued device.

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