System Center Configuration Manager 2012 collection changes

Today I attended at TechEd a nice open discussion session about System Center Configuration Manager 2012. During thislast  session of TechEd some “new” changes regarding collections came up. In SCCM 2007 collections were often used to build a logical structure in the collection set, this way or organizing is still available in SCCM 2012 beta1. This cannot be done anymore in SCCM 2012 beta2 and the next versions, a new feature is that you can now create a folder structure to organize your collections. During a migration scenario, empty parent collections will be migrated to folders with the child collections in the folders. To get some kind of “collection structure”, you can include or exclude collections in a collection.

In SCCM 2007 you were able to put systems, users and groups into one collection, this is not allowed anymore. You need to create a separate collections to be able to target one application to systems, users and groups.


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